P&A Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd


  P&A Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd is a member of P&A Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd, as a High-Tech company with excellent R&D team in China.

Since 2008 year, our company is dedicated to developing and producing various Optical fiber communication equipment, A/V equipment, Security&Surveillance devices, HDMI devices products,

including Optical Splitter/Transmitter/Receiver/communication platform, A/V component Converter/ Splitter/Extender, CCTV system equipment,HDMI Splitter/Switcher/Extender/converter/ Matrix, HDMI Wireless device etc.,

and Accessories :Fiber patch cord/connector , USB 3.0 Type C,HDMI ,DVI ,VGA ,Displayport, RCA etc.cables / wires, providing OEM & ODM service to all over the world.

Our products can distribute, convert, amplify and extend Optical and A/V signal under all kinds of Optical and A/V signal standards encryption and decryption request,

not only face to consumers, but also face to engineering projects, can offer the solution for the following products and project application: Data Center,FTTX Solution,WDM solution ,

HDTV, Digital STB, DVD, Projector, Computer Control System, Multi-media Home Systems, Multi-media Conference Room, Multi-media Class Room, HD Display Show Place, Public Place, Metro Bill board System, Hospital Bill board System, Command Center, Data Center Control and so on.


Thanks to our excellent high quality products, stable performance, delivery prompt, satisfactory services and competitive price, we have earned the high reputation and confidence from our customers .As a P&A staff, we do not satisfy our current situation, every year we spend 20% profit on R&D,20% profit on staff training/study and work environments,  our consistent goal is to be a top world-class manufacturer. 

Choose P&A, Choose a reliable partner !



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