New Product :SPDIF 4x2 MATRIX


 Another new product :SPDIF 4x2 MATRIX  have released:


This SPDIF 4x2 Matrix could put the four sets of SPDIF output signal source and two SPDIF input device connected. It can be easily split or switched between four SPDIF signal and two SPDIF signal receiving equipment.


Our P&A devices offer solutions for noise, space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.





l Four ways of optical fiber signal input split or switch to two sets of SPDIF signal receiving device.

l Audio format support : DTS-HD/Dolby-trueHD/LPCM2.0/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD                               

l Support signal retiming

l Used optical fiber cable loss less the 0.2Db/m, Output distance is up to 40m.

l The input control can through R/M and also can directly press the button.

l Support last time working state memory when power off.

l Over-voltage protection can prevent the damage caused by connecting unmatched power adapter to the machine, if the light for standby indication flashed, it shows that the output voltage from the power adaptor is too high and the adaptor needs to be changed.

l LED status indication, it can tell us the working state of the device very easily.

l No loss of quality

l Installs in minutes

l Need DC5V/500mA power supply


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