Install an AV to HDMI Converter



Install an AV to HDMI Converter 

From: P&A Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd, Consumer Electronics dept.

High-definition multimedia interface cables allow a digital connection between source and display. Many receivers and source devices are of a vintage that, while potentially high quality, still use component video analog cables. In order to interface these components while using modern HDMI connectivity to the projector or television, a converter is needed.


Access the rear of the analog source, converter box and HDMI-enabled television.


Plug the analog (component) red, blue and green video cables into the appropriate jacks on the converter box. Plug the corresponding red and white audio cables in as well. Use optical or digital coaxial cables for audio if the converter is so equipped, as this facilitates digital surround sound.


Slide the HDMI cable into the HDMI output port on the converter. Route this cable to the television or audio receiver, as needed.


Plug an additional output cable from the receiver's HDMI output to a free HDMI port on the television or projector.


Plug the converter's power supply into the unit. Plug the other end into an available AC outlet.


Turn on all connected devices. Allow a few seconds for the HDMI signal to sync, known as a "handshake."