SlimPort will defeat all interface?


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    Science and technology change life, this sentence from the date of the outbreak of android, has become the "mobile change life". The development of the era of intelligence for the display industry is no longer conservative in their own industries. MHL interface is the matchmaker of 2012 years made the display products and mobile industry in successfully "marriage". But at present the Display equipped with MHL interface also isn't too much. Its slightly thin development ability will face a powerful enemy, SlimPort technology.

   SlimPort technology is Analogix Semiconductor, Inc, released a technology solution on the  new generation of Google's "four prince" Nexus 4 mobile, it makes a simple way from smart mobile devices to large size of the display device to send HD 2D and 3D video and audio. As long as the display device configured with the SlimPort technology, a mobile USB cable connected to any existing port of a display device can achieve data transmission, do not need to specially equipped with MHL interface.  
Nexus 4 configured with SlimPort Technology
   The Release of SlimPort technology make the video interface type sublimate to a whole new level, it can reinterpret the practicability of IT products and sharing. Here, Let’s see what’s SlimPort technology and the comparative advantage of  MHL interface.
SlimPort technology and MHL interface have a lot of common points, both of them are to be combined with intelligent .In addition, the MHL interface can say is a kind of more advanced video transmission interface. Then we let SlimPort and MHL contrast, see what afterall advantage are SlimPort with .
Five advantages of SlimPort technology 
Use a USB interface. SlimPort technology eliminates the require for equipment must be configured MHL interface, only through the existing USB interface can reach plug and play, the process of use is greatly expanding the selection scope of display device。    
Make the mobile achieve HD & 3D.SlimPort technology not only can keep data of the mobile, tablet devices etc. transfering to full HD display devices, at the same time can transfer to the 3D display device. To achieve fast conversion between 2D and 3D.    
Connect multiple display devices simultaneously.Thanks to SlimPort Technology only request USB port to reach the signal conversion and transmission. So it can make mobile device connect the multiple display devices at the same time, running different applications on each monitor.
④Extend the battery life of mobile devices.In the process of connecting, SlimPort technology will not consume battery power, or reduce the effect of mobile devices, but it can keep the battery’s life, prolong the performance of mobile devices, and protect the mobile devices effectively.   
⑤Free to use.SlimPort technology's greatest characteristic is open, so it doesn't have any royalties or use fee. 
The four characteristics of MHL interface 
MHL Cable
①Five pin can provide high-definition video signal.Traditional HDMI have 19 pin, 12 pin is mainly used to transmit video and audio signals. The MHL interface only need 5 pin can be realized, making the data transmission and storage become simple.    
②Save battery life.MHL interface with ultra-low working current and standby power consumption, can greatly save battery life .  
③Easy to use.Through a cable, can support up to 1080P resolution of high quality digital high-definition video.    
④High Compatibility.Compatibility with the HDMI input interface in the nowadays most digital TV. 


SlimPort VS MHL

Product Type



Connect type

Micro USB

Micro HDMI







Consume external power



The power source

 From Display

From Mobile

Support 3D


Not support

     From the above comparison chart ,we can see clearly that SlimPort technology and the MHL interface, although the same in function, but there are a lot of  difference on realizing the way. They can recharge a mobile device, and the different is  SlimPort technology use the power from display device,but the MHL use the power from mobile devices. The most obvious point, SlimPort technology can support 3D signal transmission, MHL is not able to support . Base on various aspects, SlimPort technology are more comprehensive and simple.
Through the USB interface for data transmission
   SlimPort technology only needs the most common USB interface can realize directly data transmission between mobile devices and external display devices, while it extends the choice, and save the cost of external equipment at the same time, also can make the role of the USB interface to the maximum. For consumers, it is the effect of kill two birds with one stone. So once SlimPort technology is popularization, the MHL interface will face a very big impact. 
The current Slimport technology when connect the un-USB interface, it requests the suitable accessories.
   However, SlimPort technology, though without the aid of a special interface, but also have certain restrictions on use, when connect the un-USB interface, it requests the suitable accessories. Now our monitor’s common interfaces include HDMI, VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort,  SlimPort technology is now in the release of cable and adapter to support and connect these 4 type interface ,in order to realize the transmission of data. At present, support HDMI accessories have been listed. 
SlimPort to HDMI Cable
   We can predict when this several common interface and peripheral equipments are ready, MHL interface will have a strong opponent in the market. MHL interface since 2011 has been slightly lost momentum, and SlimPort technology enough force can not help but let us take the MHL interface calls the next development.It seems that in the era of mobile, product independent development will never gain great success, operation of portability and comprehensiveness of peripheral products will be the key factors determine success or failure.The author bold assertions, before long SlimPort technology is expected to unified video interface type.