How to use an HDMI Switcher


 HDMI switcher is a device that you can use for connecting multiple HDMI high definition devices to one HDMI input. This is helpful if you only have one or two inputs on your TV or receiver but you have multiple devices you want to hook up, such as a PlayStation 3,a Blu-Ray DVD player, an Xbox 360 and a Computer. Switchers are available with a variety of inputs, ranging from two to eight , or even more ports. Make sure you buy one that has enough for all the components.



1st Place the HDMI switcher in a spot where it is easily in reach of all of the components and the input you want to use (for example, your TV or receiver devices) as well as a power outlet. A good place to put it is in the middle shelf of your entertainment center so it has easy access to everything. Plug the power cable into the wall or a power strip, if applicable.

2nd Run an HDMI cable from each device to one of the inputs on the HDMI switcher. To do this, simply plug one end into the appropriate port in the side or back of the device and the other into one of the ports on the switcher. Each port has a button on the front associated with it. Some switchers have the inputs pre-labeled with words like game console, DVD and CD. Try to match these up with your devices if you can. It will make your life a little easier.

3rd Run another HDMI cable from the switcher to the input on your TV, receiver or other input device. Do not plug it into one of the component ports. There will be a separate port just for this purpose.

4th Turn on your input device and run through the input options until you get to the channel connected to the HDMI switcher. Then push the button on the switcher that sits in front of the cable for the device you want to watch or listen to.

5th Check to make sure your audio and visuals are working properly. If not, make sure your cable connections are tight and that you pressed the correct button on the switcher.