How to Put a TV on a Wall


 From: P&A Houseware dept.


More and more family buy the Flat screen televisions, such as plasma , LED or LCD screens are attractive to most customers for their compact size. In addition to not taking up much room on a table, LED, LCD and plasma screen televisions can also be hung on a wall in your home or business, dramatically reducing the amount of space required to display the set. If you’ve recently purchased a flat screen television, mounting it on the wall in your home is almost as easy as hanging a picture


1st Purchase a wall mounting kit for the particular size and type of television you have. if you are unsure of which kit to purchase, consult your local elect


ronics store or the website for the manufacturer of your particular television.

2nd Determine where you would like to hang your television and measure the area to make sure your set will fit in the space

3rd Use the stud finder to locate studs in the wall where you plan on hanging your television. Once you find the studs attach the wall mount (the larger of the two pieces in your box) to the wall using the electric screwdriver, making sure the open end is at the top (so you can slide your TV in). Use the level to ensure it is hanging straight on the wall.

4th Attach the portion of the wall mount for your television (typically two bars) to the back of your TV. In most cases the screw holes on the back of your set will be covered with small pieces of plastic that need to be removed before you can attach the mount.

5th Slide your television into the wall mount now attached to the wall. The piece you attached to the back of your set should fit perfectly in the piece you attached to the wall


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