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UD2003 USB-C Docking Station with 4 Displays ( HDMI + HDMI + HDMI + VGA )

This is a full-functional desktop workstation, especially suitable for MacBooks. It supports simultaneous inputof two USB-C sources,

and you can add 4 monitors through three HDMI and one VGA interface. One of the HDMI resolution is up to 4K@60Hz (The USB-C source must be DisplayPort (DP) v1.4 (HBR3));

The VGA resolution is up to 1080P@60Hz. To achieve E-cient work, you can connect your monitor, keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive, Ethernet, speaker/microphone, etc. to your USB-C computer at the same time. This is a perfect expansion solution.


1. Working indicator light

  2. 3.5mm Audio/Microphone ( CTIA Standard )

  3. USB-A/USB3.0(USB3.1 GEN1): 5Gbps/5V1.5A @7.5W

  4. USB-A/USB3.0(USB3.1 GEN1): 5Gbps/5V1.5A @7.5W

  5. USB-C/USB3.1 GEN1: 5Gbps/5V3A @15W

  6. HDMI:4Kx2K 30Hz / 3840x2160

  7. USB-C in: Connect to Host

  8. HDMI: 4Kx2K 30Hz / 3840x2160

  9. HDMI:

       4Kx2K 60Hz/3840x2160 (When the input source is DP1.4)

       4Kx2K 30Hz/3840x2160 (When the input source is DP1.2) 10. VGA: 1080P 60Hz

11. USB-A/USB3.0(USB3.1 GEN1): 5Gbps/5V0.9A @4.5W

12. USB-A/USB3.0(USB3.1 GEN1): 5Gbps/5V0.9A @4.5W

13. USB-C in: Connect to Host

14. PD3.0: 87W charging, support 100W power adapter,

        for charging the source devices such as Notebook

15. AC/DC Power Supply (12V3A @36W), for docking's

       power supply

16. Max Ethernet Speed: 1000M





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