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USB 3.1 Type C Male to Female Extension Cable 30cm 60cm

USB Type C Extension Cable (3.3Ft/1m), USB 3.1(10gbps) Type C Male to Female Extension Charging & Sync

for Nintendo Switch, M1 MacBook Pro Air iPad Pro 2020 Dell XPS Surface Book

Wire Gauge:
22 + 32AWG, OD: 4.8mm
Shell: nickel plated,
contacts: gold plated, 15μ
Aluminum alloy housing
0.3m / 0.6m
Customization:OEM & ODM
Item Weight:20g - 45g
Quality Testing:
 Function test & Visual inspection

Product Function

1.USB C extension cable connects the devices with USB-C port such as

Nintendo Switch, Type-C smartphone or laptop for charging (up to 100W), data

syncing (SuperSpeed 10Gbps) as well as audio and 4K video signal.
2.It can easily reach any place and protect the USB Type C female port of

your device from frequent plugging and unplugging.

Key Features

1.Braided jacket - to add another layer of durability
2.Integrated molding - the aluminum alloy housing will seamlessly integrate

with plastic, no glue needed
3.It can be customized through laser engraving service with virtually any


About this item:
*USB 3.1 Type C data and charging Extension cable, which is used to extend

the use distance of the type-c interface.

*The product can load 5A of the charging current. so that your device can

quickly charge.

*Compatible with Most USB-C built-in devices: Mag-safe Wireless Charger, M1

Macbook Mac mini, New Macbook Pro, Chromebook Pixel, Nintendo Switch, Nexus

5X 6P, Lumia 950 950XL & More.(*Note: This cable not work with any

thunderbolt 3 docking/hub/cable, Most Dell docking station is based on the

thunderbolt 3 input. So, this extender cable is not compatible, for example

: Dell TB15,16 thunderbolt 3 docking station and the Belkin thunderbolt 3

dock,HP thunderbolt 3 dock, Oculus Quest Link etc. ).

*The Extension Cable supports fast data transfer with 10 Gbps

*This Cable can also support usb/SD/TF card Hub.


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