Dual color HDMI Cable
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 Model No:HD-12002-D

Production Technology & Attributes (**Recommend**)

i.   High-density Triple-layer Copper Shielding maximizes rejection of EM and RF interference for enhanced signal integrity. 
ii.   99.7% Oxygen Free Copper Vapor-Infused catalyst for improved Signal Transfer.
iii. P&A HDMI cable with peculiar technology:
*Precision Seamless Integration Soldering Technology(PSIST)
*Cold Congealed Soldering Technology(CCST)
iv.   Vapor-Infused dielectric provides higher velocity of propagation for maximum signal strength
v.   Premium metal housing & 24K Gold plated connector HDMI 19 pins to HDMI 19 pins design specs.
vi.   Heavy Duty PVC Jacket with integrated strain relief & Nylon Mash protects against wire damage for consistently high-quality audio video.
vii.   HDMI ATC 1.3B & 1.4 ,CE, RoHs, FCC, UL etc. compliant 
viii.   For the use of all HDMI devices including Blu-Ray player, Digital Receivers, HDMI enabled gaming consoles, Computers, TV, Mobile, Laptop,Camera, etc.
i.  Best Video Quality – up to 4K x 2K(3840x2160p at 24Hz/25Hz/30Hz and 4096x2160p at 24Hz, which is a resolution used with digital theaters), Backward support for 1600p,1440p,1080p, 1080i, 720p, 720i, 480p & 480i 
ii.   Supports 12-bit color, also known as Deep Color™
iii.   Highest Sound Quality -  Latest lossless surround sound technology Enables highest sound quality:  
iv.   Ultra-lifelike 192/24 Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD™ lossless surround sound, available on Blu-ray Disc™ and HD DVD™ movies.
v.   Life Time Warranty   At anytime during your use of our cable if you are for any reason unhappy with it, contact us and we will provide you with free replacement.   
Key Difference with our cable 
i.   In the world of P&A HDMI Cables, production technology and raw materials used determines the overall quality of your cable. 
ii.   In terms of technology, our cables are manufactured under the strict P&A guideline & production technology as one of the most well known Home Video and Audio peripherals companies in the world. 
iii.   In terms of raw materials used, we do no cut corners and only give you the best. That is why our HDMI Cable gives you the best dollar for dollar value. 
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