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Model No.:PDV-10ii

I. Introduction

HDMI to CVBS signal converter which will convert HDM video signal or audio signal to AV (CVBS) composite video signal and the FL / FR stereo audio signals, and HDMI signals; while support DVI system sideline signals. Help users convert the high quality of the HDMI video signal into normal CVBS signal (standard-definition 480i, 576i,).So that can play on TV, VHS VCR, DVD recorders, etc. Support NTSC and PAL two TV format. 
II. Features
. Hardware conversion, plug and play without any software driver
. Compatible HDMI1.3
. Support NTSC and PAL two standard TV formats
. One HDMI input, one AV output, one stereo output
 Inputs: HDMI x 1; 
Outputs: AV x 1; L / R x 1; HDMI x 1
. HDMI input: 480P, 576P, 720P, 1080I, 1080P @ 60Hz
compatible with DVI mode 800x600,1024x768,1280x720,1280x102,1920x1080/@60hz
Support the HDCP protocol, support for HDMI 1.3
CVBS output: 480I, 576I 
Audio output: L/R channels 
480P, 576P, 720P, 1080I, 1080P @ 60Hz
 compatible with DVI mode 800x600,1024x768,1280x720,1280x102,1920x1080/@60hz
Dimensions:100mm(W)x115mm(D)x 25mm(H)
III. Application Areas
A. Civil Industry: set-top boxes, XBOX360, PS3, high-definition players
B. Industrial sector: high-definition camera, video camera, with this common display device will instead of big screen HDMI television monitors, to reduce the cost and space.
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