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Detailed Product Description
1. High repeatability,wearability and stability
2. Factory direct sales price.
3. Warm service
4. Prompt delivery
Product Overview
Insertion loss<=0.75dB (Multi mode<=0.5dB)
Return loss<=-40dB
Life-span (500 Mating): Max increment 0.3dB
Working temperature: -40°c~ 75°c
Storage temperature: -40°c~ 75°c
Product Description
1. Push-Pull Blocking Connector
2. Single Mode, Multi-Mode available.
3. PC, UPC, APC available
4. core, 8 core, 12 core and 24 core Optical fieber available.
5. banding bare fiber,sarciniform multi core fiber available.
6. Base on IEC and Bellcore GR-1435 standard
*Telecommunications & Data communications
*LAN(including FTTH and FTTD)
*Component termination

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