HDMI Wireless Extender
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Model No:HDE004

The device can be wirelessly connected from an HD source device to an HD display device such as the TV, projector, HD disc player, game machine, recorder, and set-top-box at home. With the device, you can enjoy HD video anywhere at home. In addition, you are relieved from the layout of cables and installation of a set-top-box and thereby reduce relevant expenses.


Product Features

*Instant wireless HD AV transmission;

*Transmission range in the vacancy indoor environment 30m;

*Supporting the video HDMI interface at the maximum of 1080P60 Hz;

*Supporting HDMI1.3 and HDCP1.2 protocols;

*Supporting the EDID function;

*Supporting the CEC function (for the receiving and display devices);

*Supporting the IR extension transmission function;

*Transmission power 12 dBm;

*Supporting the point-to-point transmission function currently

*which can be expanded to the point to multi-point or multi-pointto multi-point transmission function;

*Supporting the AES128-bit image encryption Function;

*Supporting the reverse back-transmission channel at the maximum rate of 100 kbs;

*Supporting OSD display;

*Supporting WHDI 1.0 specification.

Technical Specifications


Video formats supported

TV 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p,480p
PC: VGA(640X480), SVGA(800X600),
XGA(1024X768), SXGA(1280X1024)

Audio formats supported


RF communication system


Modulation mode


Maximum transmission power


Image transmission distance


Image delay

<1 ms

antenna mode


Operating frequency


IR carrier modulation
frequency supported


Operating power supply

100-240V AC mains, 5V 2A DC power

Storage temperature


Storage temperature

-10~50 C